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Travel content and conditions

Travel Content and Conditions

 ADEN ORGANIZATION TOURISM Trade Limited Company's (hereinafter referred to as BlueEyetour.com ) The CUSTOMER who comes to book tours and accommodation with Blue Eye tour agencies and  agrees to abide by the following rules.

1-The scope of the service and service that the customer purchases is stated in the voucher and the brochure delivered with the sales rules.

2- The CUSTOMER reads the brochure containing the qualifications of the service he / she receives and agrees that he / she has information.

3- The CUSTOMER, on behalf of the other persons who will participate in the trip with the business to accept the rules of this accommodation sales and such persons to enter the name-surname, such as the identification of the identity that will allow you to participate in the trip, such as the identity is obliged to give, he accepts that  liable and obliged to inform the other participants about the scope of the preliminary information and brochure and that the brochure given to him is deemed to be given to the participants.

4- It is his / her own responsibility for the baggage and its contents; CUSTOMER is obliged to follow and control the goods found on the side, lost, theft, which is the subject of casualties, BlueEyetour.com, or the employees of the employees have no legal and / or criminal responsibility, for reasons state dagrees not to make a claim against, BlueEyetour.com and / or BlueEyetour.com employees.

5- The Customer shall be obliged to comply with the laws and customs to which the facility and the vehicle to which it will be traveling shall be subject to signature; the personal and primary damages that may arise in the event that the third party shall not endanger the safety and integrity of third parties and the safety of the life and property of third parties, otherwise, we accept that BlueEyetour.com will not perform such service and therefore the CUSTOMER does not have the right to return.

6- The CUSTOMER accepts that the cost of all the drinks, foods, personal expenses and out of defined services will be paid by the customer.

7- In the event that the service provided is defective, she /he wants to terminates the use of the service then accepts that due to the debt of cooperation and attitudes, he / she will inform BlueEyetour.com representative in writing about the reasons for the termination of the hotel and the agency to which he / she receives the tour, otherwise he will be deemed to have received the service.

8- Failure of CUSTOMER, unexpected and irrevocable behavior of a third person, force majeure (adverse weather conditions, road barrier, strike, terror, fog, possibility of war, unpredictable technical considerations etc.), BlueEyetour.com / agency / independent service In the event of an unforeseeable and unpredictable event, although the provider shows all the necessary care, the CUSTOMER will not be entitled to compensation. BlueEyetour.com will not pay compensation to the CUSTOMER in any way.

9- At the time of registration, at least 35% of the service fee is taken. The remainder of the balance must be paid within 7 business days of the date of sale, and if the arrival date and / or tour date of the tour is 7 days or less. In the event that the specified payments are not made within the aforementioned periods, the reservation made is canceled and 35% of the price is invoiced to the CUSTOMER as compensation for withdrawal. The CUSTOMER who buys the services through early booking is obliged to pay the entire service fee on the date of booking.

10- After the performance of the service in question, the credit card used by the CUSTOMER to pay the accommodation price to BlueEyetour.com does not pay the service fee of the bank or the financial institution for the alleged unjust and unlawful use by unauthorized persons not caused by the flaw of BlueEyetour.com CUSTOMER, shall be liable for the cost of the service and any damages incurred with the legal interest to be processed from the date of booking.


  • No refund can be made in case of No Show.
  • No refunds are made on the day the service is provided and if any cancellations or changes are requested after that date.
  • If all the change requests (date, name, room type, number of nights, etc.) require the cancellation of the reservation and renewal of the existing reservation and / or if the price increase occurs after the change, the difference will be reflected in the CUSTOMER and the conditions of the new reservation will be valid.


12- The CUSTOMER may transfer the service to a third party who has fulfilled the terms of the service by means of a written or permanent data storage until 7 days prior to the commencement of the service. The transferee is responsible for all expenses arising from the balance and transfer.

13- BlueEyetour.com may cancel the tours that are announced or recorded on the condition that they notify the CUSTOMER by canceling the service in whole or in part. In such a case, the payment that CUSTOMER made will be refunede within 14 days.

14- The CUSTOMER is responsible for notifying the changes in communication information as the contact information, such as address, telephone, e-mail, shared by the CUSTOMER at the time of purchase will be used for notifications.

15- In case the CUSTOMER is underage; In the event that such a situation arises due to the fact that the accommodation and / or tour facility cannot benefit from the services without having parental or legal guardianship depending on its rules, the written cancellation conditions will be put into effect in this document.

16- The tour guide reserves the right to arrange and make changes in the guided tour itineraries according to the tour, and the accusations made accordingly will be unfounded.


I accept the rules above.


CUSTOMER is responsible for the services, advertisements, announcements, campaigns and activities of the ADEN ORGANIZATION TOURISM Trade Limited Company's brands and suppliers, In accordance with Law No. 6563, commercial electronic messages / sms and so on. gives approval.If the CUSTOMER wishes to revoke its approval, BlueEyetour.com will notify BlueEyetour.com of the communication channels in this agreement and terminate the notification.