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Hello How Can We Help You?

  • Booking?


    Blue Eye can organize custom requests like large group bookings, private tours or Tailor made Turkey tours. Simply send us email to describe your requirements by the email as below.


  • Payment and Refund?

    Payment and Refund?

    Please double check that you've entered your details correctly and try again.
    If your purchase still can't be completed, please try a different payment method or contact your bank.
    Feel free to email our customer service team if you have any questions about making a payment

  • Booking Modification and Cancellation?

    Booking Modification and Cancellation?

    To cancel a reservation, go to my reservations page then find the event that you want to cancel, there you will see Update my reservation button please click on it and choice Cancel my reservation.
    Here is our email address you can also contact our team.

  • Meeting Point and Pick up?

    Meeting Point and Pick up?

    İt is written for every tour under General İnformation as Meeting Point. İf it is not wriiten there that means we will send you the pick up or meeting point by email.
    İf you had reservation already then the meeting  point is written on the email that you had for reservation confirmation.
    What if you did not recive our email then you can email us with the email which is written below, please do not forget to write down your reservation number.